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Protect Your Unit, Week 10 Results: 99 Problems

Nothing gets past you guys.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered. Or I'd be in the hospital right now.)

Some of you sharp-eyed degenerates noticed that Tulane was listed as a 99-point underdog against Florida Atlantic, and placed wagers on this very favorable line. Of course, this was not the actual line, and came about due to a data entry error on my part. I have since determined this incorrect point spread was only in place on Friday - it was correct earlier in the week.

If I've learned one thing in life, it's to plan ahead for my own incompetence. The game rules state as follows:


6. We reserve the right to disallow any wagers made on erroneous lines. We try to get things right, but we may accidentally mis-enter a +300 money line as +300 points, or some such thing. This extends to any errors that may appear on Any disallowed lines will be announced on

And it was, here. Those of you who took Tulane +99 will have your bet returned, with no money gained or lost. All other wagers on this game, including wagers on Tulane with correct point spreads (such as Tulane +4), will win or lose as the result of the game dictates.

Which is bad news, because Tulane +4 was a popular bet this week, and FAU dominated them 34-17. Despite being 2-6 to Tulane's 6-2, and losing their head coach to marijuana and possibly cocaine. Amazingly, FAU can seriously think about a bowl game: their remaining opponents are Southern Miss, New Mexico State, and FIU, who are a combined 2-23. The two wins: FIU beat Southern Miss, and New Mexico State held off just-promoted-from-Division-II Abilene Christian when a Hail Mary came up a few yards short.

Let's see how much damage Tulane and Miami did to our respective bankrolls:

Danj725 1491.01
ucscott 1419.40
chuckycrater 1299.40
Collin 1293.28
jthoma11 1275.45
LrdNorman 1259.80
CedSaidZed 1187.74
leavitttown 1065.99
JLLoughren 1050.91
andrewp 1037.06
zls44 1009.36
SenatorGiggity 1005.82
jasonloughren 988.83
fusionpower 956.82
MikeNascarella 940.65
JeffNusser 904.07
Snafu13 873.86
CBulls08 838.18
ULismyhothotsex 747.51
dsidwell31 746.55
iwaswrongabouthowell 733.41
RyanTSmith 653.19
AndrewPorter 432.37
GarySJ 411.73
diddybull32 317.73

We have yet another new leader, Danj725. Dan has an amazing talent for knowing when USF is going to suck, and how much. He's bet on all eight Bulls games this year, and whether the Bulls win or lose, he's right almost every time:

  • $50 on McNeese State +20 (win $45.45)
  • $50 on USF +23.5 over Michigan State (win $45.45)
  • $20 on USF-Michigan State under 44.5 (win $18.18)
  • $50 on USF - 12.5 over FAU (lose $50)
  • $75 on Miami -18.5 (win $68.18)
  • $25 on Miami-USF over 48.5 (win $22.73)
  • $50 on USF +11.5 over Cincinnati (win $45.45)
  • $50 on USF +4.5 over UConn (win $45.45)
  • $100 on Louisville - 20.5 over USF (win $90.91)
  • $50 on USF +18 over Houston (win $45.45)

That's 7-1 against the spread and 2-0 on over-under bets, which is crushing it.

It goes without saying that the Floyd's Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to everyone who took Tulane +99. That would be zls44, AndrewPorter, CedSaidZed, and jasonloughren. Nice try, guys.

As for the Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week: there weren't any obvious candidates this week. Much of the American Athletic Conference was off this week, as were popular spite targets Louisiana Tech. There were lots of bets on Florida-Georgia and Miami-Florida State, but I couldn't tell if those were motivated out of petty hatred or just because people thought those teams would win. So I will leave this unawarded, unless someone wants to make a claim in the comments. Surely someone here hates Florida, Florida State, or Miami, right?

Looking ahead to Week 11: Thursday night has two of the best five games of the week, Oregon-Stanford and Oklahoma-Baylor. We've got MACtion starting on Tuesday, but two of the games look like mismatches, and when Ohio-Buffalo is the "best" match-up, you might consider other weeknight entertainment options. Friday night is Louisville-UConn, a game that will challenge Louisville's ability to play down to its competition. Saturday gives us Miami-Virginia Tech, and LSU-Alabama, and a matchup of American leaders in Houston (4-0) at Central Florida (3-0).