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Bull-ogosphere: FB Kennard Swanson Signs, Skip Holtz's Two Salaries, And More

Catching up on bits of USF news from the last few days.


USF signs Lake Gibson fullback Swanson | Tampa Bay Times

Kennard Swanson is rated as high as the second-best fullback in the class of 2013. So why did he go unsigned until now? Academics. We'll have to see if Swanson can qualify, or if he'll need to go to junior college and try again later.

USF paying Holtz as much as Louisiana Tech | Tampa Bay Times

Skip Holtz's contract at Louisiana Tech was finalized on Wednesday. It's a five-year deal worth $500,000 per year. Meanwhile, when they fired him, USF gave Holtz a five-year buyout deal worth $500,000 per year, which doesn't go away for any reason. Looking good, Doug!

USF Bulls freshmen headed toward bright futures |

Joey Johnston had a good feature on USF basketball's two main freshmen, Zach LeDay and Javontae Hawkins. Seeing their potential has been one of the few highlights of this dismal season. (If you're interested, Martin Fennelly had one of his classic drive-by columns on the basketball team, but I'm not going to link to that. Go find it yourself.)

USF quarterback job wide open this spring - Big East Blog - ESPN

Andrea Adelson talks to new QB coach and passing game coordinator Nick Sheridan about the competition in spring practice between Matt Floyd and Bobby Eveld, and the potential for Mike White to play when he arrives in August.

Ranking the Big East's College Football Coaching Jobs for 2013 |

USF comes in at #3 behind Louisville and Rutgers, who both leave the conference after this season.

Spelling lesson: Justin Brockhaus Kann, or close | Tampa Bay Times

After the Justin Brockhaus-Kann spelling fiasco, which went national on Monday, Greg Auman takes a look at the many misspellings of the former USF punter's last name. Including the time I spelled it "Bronkhaus," which is wrong, but at least it sounds cool.

Kyle Flood, Ron Prince have shared vision for offense - ESPN