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Bull-ogosphere: National Signing Day News and Notes

What's everyone else saying about USF's National Signing Day?

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USF didn't have anyone dressing up in an elephant costume to deliver an LOI to sign, and they didn't have anyone's momma grabbing the LOI away from their son and running away. But there were a few fun moments.

-- Love the story of Nate Godwin wearing Tchecoy Blount's vintage 1997 USF tie when he signed his LOI. Blount was Godwin's coach at Freedom HS.

While we're looking for Twitter comedy, here's how your head football coach shuts down a hater.

Good luck with your next "true professional" next year, Western Kentucky. You know, unless there's another motorcycle accident or something.


More stories from yesterday:

USA Today - Signing with the Bulls: Behind the scenes at South Florida

USA Today's Dan Wolken spent National Signing Day in the Selmon Athletic Building with the coaching staff and football administrators as the LOIs rolled in. They had some major fax problems but everyone's letters got to them eventually. Come on, high schools of America, let's get some scanners and encrypted e-mails ready for next year.

Tampa Bay Times - Notes: Taggart pleased with new options at RB

Greg Auman has highlights from Taggart's press conference. Taggart and Larry Scott are really the MVPs of this class, since they were the only two coaches on staff for several weeks. Imagine what this staff can do with a full year to recruit (and hopefully some better on-field results to take on the road with them). - USF recruiting class emphasizes defense

Everyone knows the defense was a shambles last season. This class aims to improve it quickly, and it will need to be better since at least this season, USF doesn't figure to have an offense that goes out and scores tons of points.

247 Sports - Video Vault: USF Signees

247 has links to videos of all of USF's 2013 recruiting signees. How had I never heard of Hudl before now? This is invaluable stuff.

USF gets mixed bag on signing day - Big East Blog - ESPN

Little bit behind on the news here... the Asiantii Woulard boat sailed weeks ago. Also there was no way Travis Johnson was coming to USF. He was dead set on leaving the state for college. - Terps' Randy Edsall survived the world's worst recruiting trip

This has nothing to do with USF at all, other than how much of their own recruiting they've done in the Belle Glade area, and how strange the story is. Of course it happened to Randy Edsall.