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Larry King Hosts The 2013 USF Volleyball Golf Tournament

"This will be the biggest event since my friends Sammy Davis Jr. & Dean Martin shut down The Sands so many years ago."

Michael Buckner

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the USF tradition of different celebrities participating in this fine event, keep in mind Jim Nantz & President Obama have been some of our previous hosts. This year we are honored to have a broadcasting legend and a guy that loves gambling and making crap up as much as we do:

Wait, you never read my USA Today column before?? My good friends at The Onion did a GREAT job showing you what it's like, even if you shouldn't read it at work...


Can't wait to get down to Tampa on April 19th for the USF Volleyball Golf Tournament... We're going to tee off at 1pm in a scramble format... who doesn't love scrambles in Florida? Personally The Broken Egg with my old pal Dick Vitale can't be beat... This golf tournament is the best deal in town, with a foursome costing you just $600, or just $150 for an individual golfer... Heard that young up-and-comer Collin Sherwin will be out there trying to hack his way to another championship... though I worry about his BAC level at things like this. He's a comer, hope he can stay away from the sauce long enough to get there...

So great to see old friends playing at the course that's launched so many tremendous golf careers... last year this girl would hit the ball for you for $20... I have undershirts older than her... look at her swing! She's got a future... My dream foursome for this event would be Frank Sinatra, Steve Lawrence, and Dyan Cannon... how that Archie Leach ever let her get away I'll never know... of course Archie would go on to be my good friend Cary Grant, and let's just say ol' Archie didn't mind sneaking down to Santa Anita when he wasn't on set...

This year USF has a new coach in Courtney Draper, but the tournament should be as great as ever... everyone that comes gets a delicious lunch and dinner, a polo shirt, and a gift bag full of all kinds items, including other rounds of golf in the area... and there will be enough adult beverages to make sure you might need a ride home... I remember having a few too many margaritas with a sexy mamacita in South Beach in 1974... still not sure if I'm allowed in The Fountainbleu today...

Hope to see everyone at River Hills... here's some pics of the event in the past... it just won't be the same without the great Robert Goulet this year, but we'll do what we can... and I really like the Dodgers this year, I think they've got what it takes!

Thanks, Larry! Hey V5'ers, let us know if you can join us in the event that proves that we aren't just out to slash and burn USF Athletics all the time. And if anyone would like to play in what might be a free spot during the event, drop a note in the comments as to why it should go to you. Also please realize if you put your handicap, you are immediately disqualified from winning. We want good people, not good golfers.

Of course this is a fundraiser, so what we really want is for you to sign up here and play. Or drop a message in the comments and we'll help you get squared away. Pics of some of the events in years past are below, as this is one of the most fun days of the year!