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Clint Trickett Picks West Virginia Over USF. Now What Happens?

USF's gaping hole at quarterback is still there, and it probably isn't getting filled this year.

Joel Auerbach

Unfortunately, sometimes even must-get recruits don't get got.* Yesterday former FSU quarterback Clint Trickett chose to follow the family legacy and enroll at West Virginia, turning down an almost certain two-year starting gig at USF to join the battle to put up monster numbers in Dana Holgorsen's offense.

Setting aside what this says about USF's place in the college football hierarchy at this moment in time... where does that leave the Bulls at the most important position on the field? Pretty much screwed. Unless Matt Floyd can figure out why he drops so many center exchanges, or if a mediocre transfer prospect like Penn State's Steven Bench does something for you, it's looking like Bobby Eveld is going to be USF's starting quarterback against McNeese State. That's probably OK against an FCS team, but you don't want to go to East Lansing the next week and take on Michigan State with a replacement-level quarterback. To say nothing of Eveld against conference opponents, or Miami, who knocked him out of last year's meeting in the first quarter.

The other option is to throw Mike White out there as a true freshman, have Willie Taggart manage the crap out of the game, and let White take his lumps. That may not be such a terrible idea, since at this point I doubt any of the quarterbacks on the roster could get USF more than four wins this year. But don't expect miracles from him or anyone else.

I guess the upside is that if we don't have any expectations going into this season, then by definition we can't be disappointed, right?

* - Worst. Lede. Ever.