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Bill McGillis Named Athletic Director At Southern Miss

It's official. No takebacks, Hattiesburg.

We go live to the Selmon Center with full team coverage!!










We'll have more rational thoughts later, but for now the overriding one is we hope this means we'll be covering more of USF Athletics on the field and less away from it. The irony of the school that 12 years ago issued the famous "quantity not quality" quote regarding USF joining C-USA two years early for football hiring the man that is far & away the most disliked staff member at USF... I mean you couldn't write this in a script.

And you're not going to believe this... but we actually do wish Bill well in Hattiesburg. This was never personal with us: it was only because of the things we were told, the things we could prove, the Chernobyl-like implosion of morale, and the marked lack of success on the fields & courts (which we attributed to administrative leadership). Bill has been professional with us, and we thank him for it.

The credible stories we could & couldn't print because of the folks that shared them with us, the massive salary disproportionality in the department, and the lack of respect shown to so many were our issues. But people change, learn, and grow. We hope Bill is a success at The Rock, and remind him there's an outstanding BBQ joint there he'll want to check out.

But this is a change that needed to happen years ago. Subtweeting Doug Woolard, this really is an opportunity for USF to get better. Let's hope that happens.