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Bull-ogosphere: Bulls Rally, Positional Roundups... and Michael Dyer?

34 days, folks. Get ready.

Butch Dill

Hey, do you smell that? KICK IT CARLY!!

Carly Simon - Anticipation - 1971 (via Carly Simon)

Though I doubt these are the good old days, we are less than 5 weeks out & I just want football so badly I'll breakdown the edge seal in the Annexation of Puerto Rico to get my fix. Let's do this.

* The Aumanac has been killing it with his series of interviews with the assistant coaches. Some really good insights from Walt Wells (Offensive Coordinator, but discussing the O-Line), Nick Sheridan (QB's), Eric Mathies (D-Line), & David Reaves (Wide Receivers). He got some gems in there, here's a couple below:

From Mathies: "The beauty of this group right now is I think I have two legitimate defensive ends that could go inside and play tackle," Mathies said. "That gives us flexibility. Julius Forte is tough enough and strong enough that in situations, he can go inside and play three-technique (tackle). Mims is the same way. I could potentially have four. I could have Giddins and Lynch and Forte and Mims on the field at the same time. We're going to look at it. We're going to experiment. It's a third-down package. We have the body types and mentality to get away with it."

From Reaves: "With the pro style offense Coach Taggart has brought here, these guys cannot just say 'I'm the X, on the ball, away from the call,'" he said. "You can call one formation five, six different ways and he can move those guys to any position we want. They're having to learn the whole concept of the play, rather than 'this is what I do on this play.' I think they see what we do is what teams are doing on Sundays."

Really encourage you to read all of them, and Greg will have more coming this week I'm sure. Our staff will also begin our positional breakdowns as well, with two per week until McNeese State Week begins. Bring it on, (/Googles McNeese State mascot) Cowboys!!

* Chase Litton bails, for now. The Wharton 3-star QB pulled his commitment via Twitter while in Gainesville for a football camp last week. It's early, signing day is seven months away, and Litton isn't exactly the most chased prospect in America... so everyone chill. The last thing we need is another Asiantii Woulard situation dominating the recruitnik-Twitterverse all year. The always excellent Josh Newberg at spoke with Litton after his decommitment, but it's behind the paywall so we won't republish what was said here. comes highly recommended as a resource if recruiting is your thing.

* The Michael Dyer Watch continues, but it seems we're in a hold pattern. This terrific Grantland piece on Dyer lays the groundwork for his eventual comeback, but he still hasn't openly committed to a school. If you ask the Twitterverse & recruitniks it seems it's down to USF & Louisville, but we're not sure what the hangup is here. Obviously Dyer has a complicated past, and university administrative approvals needed for his admission at any school will be multiple.

The Grantland piece should have many people rooting for him, but forgetting the off-the-field things let's focus on the impact this kid could have with the rock in his hands. He was the MVP of the BCS title game just 2.5 years ago. He broke Bo Jackson's freshman rushing record at Auburn. He's at worst a program changer, and could make a massive impact on whatever school takes him. If it is USF, he comes in as unquestionably the most talented & heralded recruit or transfer in team history.

His history also makes it seem like Washington or Colorado might be better landing spots for him in a non-football way. I'm totally fine with bringing him in as long as he's earned that planned AA degree from Arkansas Baptist. Weed and owning a legally registered handgun seem lesser crimes than beating up girls or Fightin' In The Club (even though the Fulmer Cup point scale disagrees... this is a personal opinion). He's still a kid, he's done his penance. Let's give him a chance if he chooses to come here.

* Our friend Mutt Hubbard reminds us that the 8th Annual Bulls Rally at Capogna's Dugout will be this Saturday, August 3rd at noon in Clearwater. Coach Taggart will be out there with other USF folks too, and this is a great event to get everyone fired up for the upcoming season. The parents of former USF O-Lineman Nick Capogna own the restaurant, and you'll see all the diehards out there hanging on every word from the USF staff in attendance. Always a fun day, and there will be a table to purchase some Bulls gear for the upcoming season as well.

* Also congrats to Craig Brunstein and Bulls Outfitter on their relocation to 2554 E. Fowler Ave. in the Chipolte strip mall. They're super excited about their new location, and we encourage everyone to check them out when looking for Bulls merchandise. The bookstore & the new shop in the Sun Dome are fine (though usually more pricey), but having some competition in the market is always good for all of us. Good luck to them in the new digs.