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Protect Your Unit, Week 4 Picks Thread: Math Class Is Hard

In which certain computational errors are corrected. And I absolutely, positively, did not transfer the missing money to my own account. Nope. Definitely didn't do that.

"Remember, when a player wins a money line bet, they win the difference AND retain their original bet."
"Remember, when a player wins a money line bet, they win the difference AND retain their original bet."
Al Bello

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered. Also, I did not actually transfer any missing money to my own account. This suspiciously specific denial was for employed comic effect only. Really.)

Before we get to this week's picks, I have to post an updated version of the standings. Thanks to chuckycrater, I fixed three calculation errors:

  • On winning money line bets, the original bet was not being returned to the player.
  • Under certain circumstances, won games within a losing parlay were being credited as individual wins. This affected only one player, zls44.
  • Some sloppy rounding caused variances of a cent or two in players' totals.

With those corrections, below are the correct standings after Week 3. The below does not include results from the Thursday night ACC game between I Can't Remember and I Can't Be Bothered To Look It Up. Aren't all ACC football teams pretty much the same, anyway?

Collin $1,429.84
chuckycrater (+50)
CedSaidZed $1,238.64
RyanTSmith $1,140.83
Danj725 $1,119.04
LrdNorman (+10) $1,111.56
CBulls08 $1,086.38
AndrewPorter $1,061.28
JLLoughren $1,050.92
ucscott $1,038.28
dsidwell31 $1,029.84
andrewp $1,017.65
SenatorGiggity $1,005.82
jthoma11 (+5) $985.56
GarySJ (+50) $980.08
fusionpower $956.83
jasonloughren $955.75
iwaswrongabouthowell (+25) $926.66
ULismyhothotsex $913.09
diddybull32 $908.66
JeffNusser (+50) $904.08
zls44 (-34.52)
MikeNascarella $855.00
leavitttown $693.65

Now, on to this week's picks. Colored groups of picks indicate parlays. You can still mail those in. I'll get the parlay builder done one of these days, I swear.

Remember, this is not the deadline. You may enter wagers on any game up until one hour before kickoff on

Use the space below to talk up your picks! Any questions or problems, please email me.