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East Carolina Game Week Tweetcap

Taggart, Bresnahan and the Bulls catch us up on this week's homecoming game against East Carolina.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

It's game week again, folks, and it's homecoming, complete with a purple homecoming shirt debacle. USF has an opportunity to get a conference win against a ranked team this Saturday night via East Carolina. ECU runs an Air Raid offense with an experienced quarterback, & the last three weeks have seen them upset Virginia Tech, destroy North Carolina, and coast to victory over SMU. They are on a roll and look to be the conference champs. Not exactly the homecoming guests wyouhope for.

However this presents USF with an opportunity to get its biggest upset since Notre Dame in 2011. On homecoming, in prime time, and the Bulls could soon sit atop the AAC with a 2-0 conference record. In this week's press conference, Coach Taggart admitted that that USF would have to play a "perfect game" to take advantage of that opportunity. Andre Davis is finally healthy again, as is Todd Chandler, so there is reason for optimism this Saturday night. Check out these tweets to see how the team is feeling this week.