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Protect Your Unit Week 12 Picks: Catch Me A Comet

While we debated Florida State dropping to #3 in the post-season poll, a spaceship landed on a freakin' comet.

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As you may have heard, the ESA spaceship Philae separated from the orbiter Rosetta on Wednesday, and landed on the surface of the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.

I don't have anything to add to that, I just think that's amazing. Even more amazingly, it's having a conversation with us:

In a delightful case of art imitating life, XKCD's planned series of cartoons covering the landing very much resembled the real Twitter conversation the two spaceships had with each other. (Yes, I know, those Tweets are just entered by some PR person at the ESA. Let's have a little whimsy about this.)

Now landed on the comet, Philae will conduct a series of experiments that will tell us more about comets, and perhaps even about life itself. It makes this week's USF-SMU game seem almost insignificant, doesn't it?

This week's selections:

As always, you can use the comments to talk about this week's games. Good luck..