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The Final Drive: White, Davis, McFarland & 'Clutch' Ice SMU

Relive the USF Bulls epic five minute, 21-play drive capped by a back-shoulder fade from Mike White to Andre Davis to ice SMU in Dallas.

I get that SMU sucks. But realize the Bulls stuck it out and won the game, period. I was in San Fran visiting my sister FREAKING OUT during the final drive. When Mike White hit Andre Davis on the quick back-shoulder fade and you would’ve thought I won the lottery. I erupted with excitement, which apparently included a scream loud enough to cause every eyeball in the restaurant to lock on in bewilderment.

We were beaten badly on Defense at times, but the unit played HARD. When I ran the film back two days ago I literally could hear the hits. Tajee Fullwood and Devin Abraham were all over the field. Lamar Robbins was laying the wood on everything in sight. Chandler was a force in the middle. Josh Black stuck his nose in the business several times. Eric Lee was pushing hard, even sideline to sideline. Kendall Sawyer brought it when given the chance as well.

Yes, I am being positive.

Andre Davis is the man, show love.‘Freakshow’ finished with 59-yards on six receptions and hauled in the game winning touchdown. Mike McFarland came up big. McFarland finished with 44 receiving yards on 3 receptions, two of which converted a third and fourth down on the final drive of the game. I think McFarland's nickname should be 'Manimal'!!!

But, no one came up bigger as a true teammate than D’Ernest ‘Clutch’ Johnson. What else can I say about 'Clutch'...he’s a STUD! Johnson finished the contest with 39 receiving yards on three receptions and scored a crucial touchdown, which was only possible because of his burning fire to win. Nothing makes me grin quite like a player from the 239 (Immokalee) shining bright, bursting with moxie under the lights. For his efforts ‘Clutch’ deserves this shout out!

WE WON. We came from behind and won. As a competitor I don’t care if I win by 1 or 100. No, we are not even close to being a great team; at least not yet. Yes, SMU is horrendous this season. Yes, you should be happy we won. Yes, you should be proud of Mike White. You should be even more proud of Quinton Flowers. Flowers made some really nice plays, including three specific passes that were barely out of play or they would've been monster gains.

Mike White’s Final Drive: six for twelve for 61-yards and the go-ahead score. White helped convert two 3rd downs and three 4th downs, including the game winning touchdown pass to Andre Davis on 4th down as time ran off the clock. White finished 9 of 16 for 106-yards with two touchdowns.

Below is the final drive highlight reel made by yours truly. Video is a bit crappy, but it does the trick. #BeatMemphis

Link to full highlights

The Final Drive: USF vs SMU 2014