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USF vs. Memphis Haiku

Sometimes it's not that you lost, it's how you lost. USF

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I know we aren't good

But the coaching doesn't help

Black, Black, Black Friday

The offense actually moved the ball at times. Mike White had a pretty nice line: 21-35 for 244 yards. Marlon Mack broke one for 75 yards, and surpassed 1000 for the year in his true freshman season. USF would have scored again if not for a White injury forcing the Bulls to bring in Quinton Flowers... who was under center for an ill-fated reverse that became a fumble.

And then there was the defense, in all it's arm tackling and over pursuing glory.

And then there was the decision making. The quarterback bingo. The punting. The multiple decisions that makes you ask: WHAT IS THE PLAN HERE????