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George O'Leary is Confused About the USF-UCF Game

It's a rivalry! Wait, we beat them once? NO IT'S NOT.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

For better or for worse, USF is finally embracing the rivalry with UCF. Through a combination of their own failings, the changing landscape of college football, and, perhaps, the need to create some late-season enthusiasm with the Bulls failing to qualify for a bowl this season, USF has been hyping this game up like they never have before. They've registered (and for that matter-- well played, athletics department), are tweeting out the hashtag #BeatUCF at every opportunityhave some cool new uniforms for the game, are putting up flyers and billboards and made an intense hype video. For us USF lifers who never thought we'd see the day that UCF was considered a rival, this is kind of sad. But it's necessary, and the athletics department is doing a fine job of raising excitement for the Bulls' Black Friday matchup with the Knights.

Wow, so UCF finally got what they wanted! A real rivalry game with USF! I bet they're pretty excited, right?

Wait, what?


Okay, okay. George O'Leary, you've only been calling this a rivalry game for the last nine years. Surely you're happy that USF is finally embracing it?

Really, George? You're not into players and coaches talking up the USF game? Let's take a look back over the past decade.

September 14, 2005: George O'Leary on playing USF every year: "It's a natural being that they are only two hours away."

July 30, 2006: "I would sign the contract right now-- today, tomorrow, whenever. I've made it very clear that I'd like to continue that series every year." - George O'Leary

"This is a game that will come close to filling both stadiums. It's a game the fan base and student bodies look forward to." - George O'Leary

August 17, 2006: "It's a great rivalry-type game." - George O'Leary

September 15, 2006: "I'm just saying what looks like a good situation for both schools. It's something we'd like to see continue." - George O'Leary

October 11, 2007: Everyone says this game doesn't matter-- the hell it doesn't. If it doesn't matter, then why [does USF] throw it in your face during recruiting?" - George O'Leary

The article continues: "O'Leary reasons that 'common sense' dictates this game should be played every year."

December 16, 2010: "I've voiced my opinion. I think it's something that needs to happen. It would be a win-win for both schools." - George O'Leary

November 1, 2011: I think it's a great game for both fan bases. I think it's a natural game." - George O'Leary

Okay, George. Just another game. Sure.