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Voodoo Fivecast: The UCF "Rivalry" Hurts So Much Edition

We continue to get better at radio, and think it's directly related to our lack of Jeff Odom the last couple weeks.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This week Josh Appel & Collin Sherwin discuss the lack of progress on most fronts seen by USF in the Memphis game. Why isn't USF getting better? Why the continual seemingly plan-free rotation of quarterbacks? What's the plan here?

Also Collin launches into a diatribe about why he hates the UCF "rivalry," and we discuss the upcoming Black Friday game that will end the Bulls season.

We also talk about the incredibly fun USF men's basketball team that has quickly captured our hearts, Sting joining the WWE, and USF athletic director Mark Harlan joining us on the podcast next week (or the week after, whatever, he's coming)!

Check it out on iTunes and make sure to subscribe so you never miss, or you can listen below:

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