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Protect Your Unit Week 10 Results: Pocket Change

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Our most aggressive fake gambler, LeavittTown, was down to $147.11 going into last week. He made his all-in move on Tulsa +1400 to beat Memphis outright. Not a bad play, really; Tulsa can score points, and Memphis has had mixed results in AAC play. But the Tigers won 40-20, leaving him with only the handful of fake coins he won on UConn +365 over UCF and Houston -260 over USF..

But because the rules of the contest require you to make three wagers, two of which won, LeavittTown now has $5.93 left. If there are no objections, I would like to make the following changes to the rules:

  • Players under $250 may make one all-in bet rather than bet three games. But it must be on an AAC game. If you win, continue to play as normal. If you lose, go to the Sudden Death Bet.
  • Players under $100 may forfeit their remaining fake money and go straight to the Sudden Death Bet. If they win the Sudden Death Bet, they get that money added to their bankroll.

This would prevent situations where people have to split tiny bankrolls over 3 games, or play tiny bankrolls at all when their best option is to skip to the Sudden Death Bet. Please voice any objections you may have in the comments section, or I will go ahead and add it to the rules.

As a reminder, here's how the Sudden Death Bet works:

SUDDEN DEATH BET: If you burn through your entire $1000, you will have one (1) chance to stay in the game.

The week after you run out of money, you must successfully pick one AAC game against the spread. If you win the bet, you get $500 to continue playing in future weeks (although you are still in the books as -$1000 for the season). If you push the bet or lose, you are out of the game. Only one sudden death bet per customer. If you lose the entire extra $500, you are out of the game. Also, if you run out of money at the end of the regular season, your sudden death bet will be on the first game of bowl season.

For next season, I will add the above options to the official rules.

Back to this week's games: UConn-UCF did a lot of damage to our other players: UCF -11 was a popular play, though DaGata and ElliotMoore won on UConn. The Florida State-Louisville game was also popular, with roughly equal amounts of money on each side. DaGata and Kendom were the only ones to bet on Florida, though neither staked much on the prospect.

Current standings and this week's results:

collin 1463.19 BYE
kendom 1345.94 18.84
RyanTSmith 1326.76 29.09
dsidwell31 1294.36 -88.05
jthoma11 1248.80 56.84
ucscott 1150.89 45.27
tacoman206 971.09 -17.73
danj725 958.78 -11.36
JimUSFSig 954.82 BYE
iwaswrongabouthowell 936.17 -169.55
shadow68 922.73 BYE
diddybull32 922.28 50.91
DaGata 906.17 44.64
JasonLoughren 886.36 BYE
Snafu13 858.68 -37.27
zls44 816.80 87.81
ElliotMoore 809.46 -91.54
chuckycrater 772.21 BYE
GaryStephen 723.96 91.33
LrdNorman 679.74 BYE
andrewpina 360.37 -111.36
ULismyhothotsex 170.29 -249.20
leavitttown 5.93 -141.17

Kendom and RyanTSmith move into contention, at the expense of dsidwell31, who lost $100 when TCU had to come from behind against West Virginia, failing to cover the spread. JThoma11 and UCScott also had winning weeks.

Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to both zls44 and ULismyhothotsex, for referencing recent scorelines in their wagers on their own times. What's interesting is that UL's 26.20 referenced a win (over Florida State in 2003), while ZLS' referenced a loss (62-17 to UCF last year. This year's games reversed those results. Perhaps there's some black magic at work here.

There weren't any overwhelming candidates for Floyd's Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week, but I was amused that Kansas +10000 to win at  Baylor attracted some action. Yeah, it's worth a small wager on the off chance it hits, but I think Kansas could play Baylor 1000 times and not win once. zls44 and iwaswrongabouthowell took a flyer in the Jayhawks.