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Protect Your Unit Week 11 Picks: Half A Point

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Since I received no objections, I will allow LeavittTown to waive his last $5.83 and go straight to the Sudden Death Wager, as per rule 10 of the PYU Official Rules. He opted for Memphis -7.5 over Temple. If that bet wins, he will get an extra $1000 to play with, though he will remain -$1000 for the season. If the bet loses or pushes, he is out of the game for the season.

Of course, a bet on a point spread containing a half-point can't push... unless we have a Taxidermy Tech-Anthropology A&M scenario. (You can skip to 4:45 for the relevant video.)

Here's how everyone else picked this week:

After a couple dull weeks, we've got six Top 25 matchups: Alabama-LSU, Notre Dame-Arizona State, Kansas State-TCU, Ohio State-Michigan State, Baylor-Oklahoma, and Utah-Oregon. In AAC play, we've only got three games: Memphis-Temple, SMU-Tulsa, and Tulane-Houston. UConn plays Army in a non-conference game.

As always, use the space below to talk about your picks or this week's games.