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Voodoo Fivecast: The We're Coachable Edition

With two very special guests in Jose Fernandez and Orlando Antigua!

In this week's delayed but never denied podcast, Josh Appel and I go over the so much fun (and so awful to watch) USF VIP Experience basketball game, the football loss to Houston that has many Bulls fans scratching their heads, and various other things happening on campus.

We also welcome two very special guests: USF women's basketball head coach Jose Fernandez (1-0) and men's basketball head coach Orlando Antigua (0-1) live from the postgame of the VIP Experience. Fernandez discusses his keys to victory (note: one of them was not picking me first in his draft), and Orlando Antigua (0-1) talks about the mistakes he made, including having six players on the floor at once. Oops.

We also talk to the coaches about their teams for 2014-15. Is Courtney Williams an All-American candidate? Can the men finally get out and run a little with what seems to be a guard-heavy team? What was Jose thinking with the toughest non-conference schedule you'll ever see? And how does all that weight Chris Perry lost effect his game?

It's far less sub-mediocre than usual because of our guests (feel free to jump ahead if you wish, they're at the end), and you can listen below or subscribe on iTunes here.

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