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PYU: 2014 Bowls (UPDATED: Scenarios!)

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

This will be the last Protect Your Unit thread of the season, and will contain everything you need to know to play the bowl season. It works just like last year's bowl thread.

This thread will contain up-to-date information on the standings, and which bets have been placed.

The rules are: you must bet at least 5 games, 2 of which must involve AAC teams. You can bet up to 50% of your stack, or $500 if you have between $500-$1000, or your entire stack if you have less than $500.

First, the standings:

Unlike the regular season, standings will be updated after every day's play.

All bets are listed below. Bets will not be visible until the game is locked for betting, which happens one hour before kickoff. So there aren't any games listed as of right now (Friday morning), but there will be once the December 20 games start.

And here is a list of all parlay wagers. You can submit a parlay by emailing me at Parlays will only be displayed once the earliest game is locked:

I will use the comments section to give day-by-day commentary, as I did last year. Any questions, problems, concerns, please ask. Good luck!

UPDATE: Based on the outcome of the National Championship Game, the winner of the contest will be:

Danj725 wins if: Ohio State wins.

kendom wins if: Oregon wins the game by 6 or more points, and the total score is under 74.5. (Kendom must hit both two $200 bets, and win or push the point spread bet.)

jthoma11 wins if: Oregon wins the game, but by 5 or fewer points, or the total score is more than 74.5.