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USF Soccer Beats New York Red Bulls in Scrimmage

Mike Stobe

The Bulls' men's soccer team played in a closed-door scrimmage against Major League Soccer's New York Red Bulls yesterday afternoon in Orlando as a preparation for New York's preseason matchup against the Philadelphia Union in Jacksonville this weekend. The odd part about the whole thing is that there was no mention of the game on USF's side at all, and the only news about it was the live-tweeting done by the Red Bulls' account, who didn't take the time to learn the names of the USF players. And if you asked them, the game was all New York.

Oh yeah, well if New York was so much in control, then how do you explain this?


...I'm going to ignore that typo. Anyway, the game ultimately ended by that score, with the Bulls topping the Red Bulls 2-0, further extending the great week in USF Athletics.