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USF vs. Houston Basketball GameThread: FSU vs. USF Baseball GameThread Too!!

Busy night for the Bulls, we've got you covered.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On the off chance you haven't totally checked out on USF Basketball this season, they're playing Houston at 8:30 p.m. on ESPNews. It's Senior Night for the Cougars (15-17, 7-9 AAC), and if the Bulls recent form is any indication Houston should be able to celebrate since USF (12-17, 3-13 AAC) has actively bought a postage scale from (special offer for our podcast listeners!!) and is mailing in the rest of the season.

In trying to think of the most frustrating teams in USF history, this basketball team is right up there. The '04 football team just about quit on Leavitt, but then turned it around to earn a bowl berth the next season. The '04 baseball team famously squandered an six-run lead in the ninth to miss the conference tournament (scroll to page 37 here). And of course there was the '12 football team that OMG WHY U PLAY FOOBALL?

There have been some epic fails in USF history, but this basketball season might make the Top 10 list. Even without Anthony Collins, there was far more talent on this team than their performance. And the odds of them turning it around in the next week seem slim to none here. I had a flight and a hotel in Memphis for the AAC Tournament, but it was refundable and I'm not even going now. And if you've lost the guy that was riding for this team more than any other going into the season... well that should tell you all you should know.

Also, tonight USF plays #2 FSU in baseball, the first of a two-game set. We'll be live at The New Red McEwen, so follow along with us in the comments in what should be a great atmosphere and some fun midweek college baseball. Jameis Winston should be there, so that should make it an event in itself.