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Your Wish List For USF's New Athletic Director Mark Harlan

So what do you want him to do? Tell him!

Mark Harlan is going to get a LOT of unsolicited advice in the next few weeks. Much of it is going to come from people that donate more to the University of South Florida than you do, but he'll also meet with coaches, donors, students, fans... basically every constituency out there. But what do you want him to hear from you?

We'll do everything we can to make sure he sees this. No guarantees obviously, but we've got a little juice in the building and we'll get it to the people around him. The only thing we ask is that you keep it short. The only lengthy diatribe is the one we're going to write here after things start to settle down and we actually get to hear from the man.

Think of it as an elevator pitch: you've got 30 seconds to pour your green-and-gold colored heart out to the man that controls our Bulls' destiny. This should end up looking like a Rorschach Test of the state of our fan base. It may not be pretty right now, but it should end up being a snapshot in time.

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