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USF Releases Preseason Depth Chart

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Something to overanalyze before fall camp starts!

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

With preseason camp beginning on Monday, Willie Taggart finally released a depth chart for the upcoming season. Here it is, in all its glory, as tweeted out by Joey Knight. Let's dive in.


X Andre Davis, Sr.
Alex Mut, So.

TE Sean Price, Jr.
Mike McFarland, Sr.

LT Darrell Williams, Sr.
Kofi Amichia, So.

LG Thor Jozwiak, Jr.
Clavion Nelson, Jr.

C Austin Reiter, Sr.
Cameron Ruff, Fr.

RG Quinterrius Eatmon, Sr.
Dominique Threatt, So.

RT Brynjar Gudmundsson, Jr.
Mak Djubegovic, Jr.

HB Darius Tice, So.
Stafon McCray, Fr.

QB Mike White, So.
Steven Bench, Jr.

FB Kennard Swanson, Fr.
Corian Hamilton, Jr.

Z Deonte Welch, Sr.
Chris Dunkley, Sr.


DE Eric Lee, Jr.
Demetrius Hill, Jr.

DT Todd Chandler, Sr.
Deadrin Senat, Fr.

DT Derrick Calloway, So.
Bruce Hector, Fr.

DE Elkino Watson, Sr.
Daniel Awoleke, Jr.

SAM Reshard Cliett, Sr.
Zack Bullock, Jr.

MIKE Tashon Whitehurst, Jr.
Auggie Sanchez, Fr.

WILL Nigel Harris, So.
Rahmon Swain, Sr.

CB Johnny Ward, So.
Jalen Spencer, So.

CS Jamie Byrd, Jr.
Trevon Griffin, Jr.

OS Nate Godwin, So.
Hassan Childs, So.

CB Torrel Saffold, Sr.
Lamar Robbins, So.


P Mattias Ciabatti, So.
Marvin Kloss, Sr.

K Marvin Kloss, Sr.
Emilio Nadelman, So.

H Mattias Ciabatti, So.

LS David Burdetsky, Jr.
Alex Salvato, So.

KO Marvin Kloss, Sr.

KR Chris Dunkley, Sr.

PR Chris Dunkley, Sr.
Andre Davis, Sr.

- First thing to remember is that this is still subject to change, and a lot of positions will be won and lost in the next month. Cases in point: Taggart just stated at AAC Media Days that the quarterback position won't be decided until a couple weeks into camp, so don't pencil in Mike White as the starter just yet. Same goes for running back, where Coach T specifically namedropped Marlon Mack and D'Ernest Johnson as true freshmen who he expected to play right away. There are going to be a lot of true frosh on this depth chart by the time Western Carolina comes to town.

- Position changes! The most notable is Elkino Watson moving to defensive end, but Clavion Nelson is now on the offensive line and Corian Hamilton will be backing up Kennard Swanson at fullback.

- Receiver is another position where I'd expect to see true freshmen playing, seeing as the depth behind Andre Davis is pretty frightening. Big opportunities for guys like Ryeshene Bronson and Tyre McCants. On the other end of it, this offense needs Deonte Welch or Chris Dunkley to step up as a reliable number two target opposite Davis.

- Sean Price and Mike McFarland, most terrifying tight end combo in the nation?

- Great to see Thor Jozwiak back healthy and atop the depth chart. That's a very experienced O-line (three seniors, two juniors) on a very inexperienced team. The Bulls were 121st in the nation in rushing yards per game last season. They'll need that line to lead the way this season.

- Despite all the talk of a 3-4 defense, the depth chart lists a 4-3. Still... that's not a bad front seven at all, is it? Watson's move to defensive end allows Derrick Calloway to grab a starting spot at tackle, and it's nice to see Tashon Whitehurst back in the starting rotation after he essentially disappeared last season. The linebackers look good and the line looks pretty decent, if paper-thin with walk-on Daniel Awoleke on the two-deep (ahead of young scholarship players Daniel Perry and Mike Love, I might add).

- The secondary is young, but there's so much talent there that it's difficult not to be excited for the future. The idea of Ward, Godwin, Childs and Robbins in a couple years is pretty encouraging.

- This is a young team that's only going to get younger when you factor in the incoming freshmen. This season, if nothing else, will tell us a lot about what those young guys have and which players are going to be the stalwarts of the Taggart era. Your thoughts?