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Protect Your Unit Week 2 Results: Lightning Strikes Twice

For the second straight week, we've had a game impacted by lightning.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

The Florida Atlantic-Alabama game was halted with 7:53 to go, and Alabama clinging to a 41-0 lead. This is of particular interest to player danj725, who had $100 fake dollars on Alabama -40.

Our contest doesn't have a rule in place regarding games that are cancelled before completion. But according to the rules of our odds providers 5Dimes and BetDSI -- and every other sports book I could find -- a game is considered official after 55 minutes. So that will be our rule as well: Because the FAU-Bama game did not reach 55 minutes, all bets on it are voided. They do not win or lose. The bet still counts towards your weekly requirements to bet 3 games/1 AAC game/5% of your bankroll.

So danj725's bet is effectively a push. ElliotMoore and zls44, who each bet $1 on FAU to win outright at +22500, get their one fake dollar back. Obviously FAU could not have rallied to win in that little time, but we don't want to make any judgment calls on how games would have finished if played out. Adhering to a 55-minute rule gives us a clear resolution to all such situations.

I have amended the official game rules to add this rule. I hope everyone finds this a fair ruling.

One other rules thing we need to discuss: some of you were able to place bets in excess of your $250/25% limit. I have resolved this problem, so you should now be limited to $250 or 25% of your bankroll, whichever is greater. These bets will be allowed to stand, since there's no fair way to remove them after the games have already been decided.

Here are your standings after Week 2:

kendom 1373.50
Collin 1225.37
diddybull32 1160.91
jthoma11 1093.64
ulismyhothotsex 1080.42
zls44 1041.60
LrdNorman 1041.55
ElliotMoore 1031.64
LeavittTown 1016.98
Chem-E-Bull 1000.00
MatthewManuri 1000.00
tacoman206 1000.00
ucscott 990.91
DaGata 990.86
AndrewPina 984.55
Danj725 974.09
Snafu13 964.91
JimUSFSig 957.36
iwaswrongabouthowell 951.91
GaryStephen 951.60
RyanTSmith 940.91
dsidwell31 925.77
Shadow68 922.73
JasonLoughren 886.36
chuckycrater 785.73

New player Kendom leaps into the lead with two big money line scores: she had $60 on Virginia Tech +380, $50 on Southern California +145, and also $44 on the over in Michigan State-Oregon. She missed on South Carolina -15, but still a very successful week. Diddybull32 also did well, hitting six out of seven against the spread.

Underdogs were popular this week, and most of them cashed in. Virginia Tech, Southern California, and BYU won their games outright. USF, East Carolina, and UTSA covered.

Next week's attractions include the spitiest of spite games for USF fans. Louisiana Tech, whom we all know and loathe, faces North Texas, a team loaded with Jim Leavitt-era assistants. Dan McCarney is the head coach, and his assistants include Mike Canales, Kevin Patrick, and Mike Simmonds. To make it even more interesting, La Tech just beat the crap out of a Louisiana-Lafayette team that was supposed to be good, ruining chuckycrater's traditional $1 spite bet against the Bulldogs. Which I'll go ahead and award the Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week, since there weren't really any other candidates.

As for the Floyd's Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week: ElliotMoore found a reason to take Kent State +3 over South Alabama. I'd love to hear what attracted him to that line, with so many marquee games on the slate. And I want to give myself an honorable mention, for thinking Colorado could cover a 17-point spread on the road against anyone. What was I thinking?

It's still not too late to get in on the degenerate gambling action! You'd have to take Week 2 as one of your two allowed bye weeks, but you can still join and compete for fabulous prizes! And yes, we do have fabulous prizes, which we'll talk about in an upcoming post. If you'd like to join, please email Gary Stephen with your SBNation username; desired password for ProtectYourU.Net (not your SBN password); school you support; and your blog/Twitter, if you have one.

The first set of lines for next week's games will be posted on Sunday night, or as soon as they are published by