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2015 USF Football Schedule Released

For Halloween, we got you a triple-option offense you have to defend: TRICK!!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is:

Sat., Sept. 5 FLORIDA A&M Raymond James Stadium TBD

Sat., Sept. 12 at Florida State Tallahassee, Florida 11 a.m. ESPN

Sat., Sept. 19 at Maryland College Park, Maryland TBD


Fri., Oct. 2 MEMPHIS* Raymond James Stadium TDB ESPN/ESPN2

Sat., Oct. 10 SYRACUSE Raymond James Stadium TBD

Sat., Oct. 17 at UConn* East Hartford, Connecticut TBD

Sat., Oct. 24 SMU* Raymond James Stadium TBD

Sat., Oct. 31 at Navy* Annapolis, Maryland 12 p.m. CBSSN

Sat., Nov. 7 at ECU* Greenville, North Carolina TBD

Sat., Nov. 14 TEMPLE* Raymond James Stadium TBD

Fri., Nov. 20 CINCINNATI* Raymond James Stadium TBD CBSSN

Fri., Nov. 27 at UCF* Orlando, Florida TBD National TV/TBD

Sat., Dec. 5 AAC Championship Game (Home Site) TBD ABC/ESPN

Initial thoughts:

* Potentially zero cold weather games. The biggest risks to that are Halloween at Navy or Nov. 7th in Greenville, but that's awfully early in the year so we should be ok.

* Three Fridays, including C. Florida at the Bouncy Castle (get used to that because it's not changing).

* Y U SO EARLY BYE WEEK? Playing every Friday & Saturday for nine straight weeks means guys are going to be hurting by the end of the year.

* There might not a FBS game where USF will be favored until UConn on Oct. 17th, and maybe not even then: it might be the week after at home to a rebuilding SMU.

* Fan travel: everyone that travels will of course go to Tallahassee, but the size of the USF crowd in College Park the following week might be pretty dependent on if the Bulls can make a good showing at Doak. We'll know who USF is by at UConn on Oct. 17th most likely, but I don't see a lot of Bulls going to Hartford if USF is 1-4 or 2-3 at that point. Navy should draw some casual fans and a lot of the same DC-based folks that'll hit Maryland, but it could be friends and family only in Greenville for the last road game.

* IF (and let's emphasize this is one really big if, and one this blog staff doesn't necessarily believe) USF is good this season: having the last three games at home or right down I-4 could be fantastic. If you're 4-1 or 5-0 in the AAC going into that stretch, it could a helluva lot of fun.

What say you: I've already heard from two USF parents complaining about the Halloween game. Is that really a big pain for those of you with progeny?