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USF Women's Basketball Two Game Special

We're not getting a commission on this, but here's a ticket package you need to grab. Note: this was to run yesterday, but we had technical difficulties. Sorry about that.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

As many of you know, I spent 16 years selling tickets for USF Athletics. I am excited to announce that I am back... sort of. In case my current boss is reading this, don't worry I'm not quitting: this is renegade style. I am announcing a special two-game USF Women's Basketball ticket package. This is the deal of a lifetime, grab your credit cards and get ready for the best purchase you will make in a long time.

Most people reading don't realize USF only has one home game left, but don't worry about that. I waved a magic wand and really did create a two-game package for everyone. I'm going to paraphrase a great Bob Uecker quote as the character Harry Doyle in the movie Major League, "In case you haven't noticed, and judging by the attendance you haven't, the Bulls have managed to win a few here and there, and are threatening to be the best team in the history of the program."

USF is 23-5, has two regular season games left, plus at least two more after that in the AAC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament (I have no problem saying that today without a disclaimer). If you are a Bulls fan, you will want to be part of a magical season like this one. All those games that have gone by that you thought about going to but ended up missing have reached critical mass. If you want to get on the bandwagon, your last chance is now. When you talk about this year's USF women's team to non-Bulls friends, you better not use terms like, "us" or "we" if you didn't go to a game.

You only have two chances left this year to see Alisia Jenkins play in person, who is the single greatest rebounder I have ever seen. Think Dennis Rodman without the craziness. You have two chances left this year to see Courtney Williams play in person, who many will argue she will be the best all around basketball player in USF history, men or women. Don't miss this.

Here is the two game package I am selling: This Saturday, USF at UCF, 4PM. The perfect time for a over and back day trip. Tickets look like they are $5.50 for adults, less for kids and seniors. Trust me, it is worth the trip. Wear something green. Then USF hosts the top ranked UConn Huskies at the Sun Dome on Monday. Make no mistake, thousands of silver haired, blue wearing UConn fans will be there. Our team needs our fans there too. Tickets are $10 each. Don't wait until game night, buy now to stay out of the third level. Ticketmaster has both games on sale.

There you have my two-game women's basketball pack. $15.50 for adults, less for kids and seniors. This will be the best ticket purchase you could possibly make. Don't let the last opportunity to be part of something special pass you by. When you get to the UCF box office on Saturday, tell them Mike sent you. When you get inside, I'll be somewhere behind our bench. See you there.