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Corey Allen Jr. Suspended Six Games By NCAA, Career Likely Over

The heartbeat of the Bulls, and their only senior, will not play another game for USF unless they reach the AAC Final.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This just absolutely sucks. Directly from the USF press release:

TAMPA, FEB. 28, 2015 - University of South Florida men's basketball student-athlete Corey Allen has been declared ineligible and must sit out six games as determined by the NCAA.

An internal inquiry initiated by USF determined Allen received impermissible benefits regarding tuition payments for courses that Allen completed at another institution prior to enrolling at USF.

The NCAA's decision does not affect USF's won-loss record for either the 2013-14 or 2014-15 seasons, the two seasons Allen competed for the Bulls.

This is so unfortunate, but not because of how it affects USF's wins and losses this season: it's that Corey has been a joy to watch as a player for his two years in Tampa, and he deserved to go out on Senior Night in a uniform and not in street clothes. HIs manic style and deep passion for the game were contagious, and a big reason this under talented and poorly fitting USF team has continued to compete hard for most of this season.

We'll write something more in-depth about Corey later, but barring a miracle we've likely seen the last of him in green and gold. He's got a professional basketball future somewhere, and he'll get paid to play the game he loves so much now. And that makes us happy.

There's a section of "great/fun to watch players on bad teams" that USF has had over the years. James Harper has always been the first guy on that list for me. There's also McHugh Mattis, Mike Bernard, and those folks older than me would probably include Jim Grandholm. Corey Allen Jr. deserves this recognition as well. He made USF as fun and entertaining as he could despite the record, and played with a passion and heart that outsized the team and talent around him.

Thanks, Corey.