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USF's Professional Prospects

Although there are no Pierre-Pauls or Allens in this year's NFL hopefuls, there's a good chance that some Bulls will suit up professionally this fall. Last week's Pro Day gave them a chance to demonstrate their skills one last time before drafting and signing season begins.

The most well-known Bull who could go pro this year is Andre Davis. Fans are familiar with the way he glides by defensive backs by disguising his routes. He has never been known for his speed, but he has worked on it a lot in the last few months and ran a 4.5 second 40-yard dash on Pro Day. Davis trains with former UF All-American (and former Bucs receiver) Reidel Anthony and former Idaho All-American Yo Murphy, who played for several NFL and international teams.

Davis' off season work has helped him a great deal. He looked pretty great running routes, changing directions and catching passes in stride. His 40-yard dash is equal to the average of wide receivers at the NFL Combine. He is more likely to be signed as an undrafted free agent than to be drafted, although he plans to watch the draft as part of a family cookout and see what happens. As a very smart and agile receiver, Davis could turn out to be very useful to an NFL, CFL or Arena Football team. On talking to scouts, he says, "I get the same feedback every time. They tell me I'm a good character kid, I do everything right and just keep doing what I'm doing and I'll be fine."

Austin Reiter may be the best 2015 USF prospect, having shown off at the NFL Regional Combine in Miami and the Super Regional Combine in Arizona before Pro Day at USF. He is a really tough, hardworking center who has started in each of USF's last 36 games. Reiter has also practiced at guard and as a long snapper, so he has a little flexibility to pitch to NFL scouts. He has bulked up to 301 pounds, but is really mobile, with a 34 inch vertical and a 4.96 second 40 yard dash. The average NFL Combine offensive lineman jumps 28.5 inches and runs a 5.3 second 40. Reiter recently did 32 reps on the 225 pound bench press, which destroys the offensive lineman NFL Combine average of 25.4 reps. "I definitely would like to see a late round draft pick for sure," said Reiter at Pro Day. When asked if he would watch the draft, he smiled confidently and said, "Of course."

Mike McFarland stands at 6-6, 252, which is about right for an NFL tight end. "Everyone who's out here is blessed with different talents and abilities, and thankfully mine is size," said McFarland. He caught 50 passes over the last two seasons, although he seemed to disappear into the netherworld of USF's 2014 offense as the year went on. His 40 yard dash time is down to 4.66, which is almost two tenths of a second better than the NFL Combine average for tight ends. McFarland's 36 inch vertical is more than two inches higher than the Combine average. His 18 reps at the 225 pound bench press are less than impressive, but Pro Day reinforced his catching skills and overall athleticism.

Reshard Cliett looks as ripped as a Greek god these days, but only weighs in at 222. He attributes his lean frame to his training regimen, which includes eating more vegetables than he prefers, and plans to return to his home town in Georgia to do some conditioning and put on a few pounds. Cliett's most impressive Pro Day stat was his 38.5 inch vertical, which is almost four inches higher than the NFL Combine average for linebackers. He also ran an above average 4.4 second 40 and did a below average 21 bench press reps.

Other Bulls who performed at Pro Day included 2014 seniors Chris Dunkley, Todd Chandler, Elkino Watson, Deonte Welch and Marvin Kloss (who made nine of ten field goals, including a 55 yarder). Ryne Giddins also performed, as did Carlton Mitchell. Giddins trained with the Buccaneers last summer and is currently on the Tampa Bay Storm practice squad. Mitchell has bounced around the NFL and CFL since being drafted in 2010.

Aaron Lynch was the only Bull drafted last year, and has appeared in 16 games for the 49ers since then. Dede Lattimore was signed by the Chicago Bears after the draft and worked his way onto the practice squad last fall. He found a spot on the team and earned a two-year contract extension in January.