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Our 5th Annual USF Volleyball Fundraiser: Help Get The Bulls To Europe!

We don't ask you for anything but your undying love and affection except one week a year. This is that week.

There's only one USF team that we will lay down on the mat for and get run over by a car. The reasons for this are complicated and began over a decade ago, but it is blog policy: We are wholly and completely in the tank for one team. We love them dearly. So help us love them back.

For the fifth consecutive year, we're going to do everything we can to help them get to the highest levels of collegiate volleyball. So help us support the 14th Annual USF Volleyball Golf Tournament's bottom line.

This year's tournament is at Feather Sound, which is one of the best tracks in the Bay Area. There are still two full foursome spots open if you'd like to play, and I've also got a single spot in my foursome available to a reader that I think will be funny for 4+ hours. Ability to buy raffle tickets and tip cart girls is also a must.

In 2015 a big portion of the money from this tournament will be used towards a once-in-four-years trip to Europe that teams are allowed to take, well, once every four years. While abroad the Bulls will take on club teams to test themselves competitively against squads where volleyball is a bigger part of the sports mosaic.

Trips like this are so helpful for many reasons: it aids in recruiting (both for helping find American kids that want to do cool things while in college, and also exposing foreign players to USF that might want to play here someday), it helps a team bond, and it allows them extra practice and great competition in game conditions. The girls often receive study abroad credit during these trips as well.

If USF is going to compete where they want to be, things like this are essential. So let's help them get there.

This team will be playing one of the most competitive out-of-conference schedules of any USF sports team ever in 2015 (we can't release names yet, but I mean... it's like... OMG).

We spend far too much of our lives writing this thing for basically free all year long. This is the only week of the year we ask you for anything but snark and quality gifs in the comments section. Please love us, so we can love them.

Last year we picked up around $1200 for this team, and we've grown a bunch since then. We'd like to blow this thing out of the water in 2015, and make some real cash for a program that needs every single cent it can to reach the level they want to achieve.

So the question is:

How much do you love us?

This year in exchange for your generosity, we're throwing much better perks and humiliation. If we can double last year's total, I will not only shave my head, I will have it painted like a volleyball and put the entire process on Youtube. So $2500 to make me look like a schmuck. How is that not worth it to you?

Also we'll allow anyone that donates $250 or more individually to write a post on the blog saying whatever they want. You can use it to call the staff of Voodoo Five horrible blowhards that are terrible people that hate everything. Or feel free to shower praise on anything you'd like that's painted in green and gold. Use it as an open letter to anyone Bulls staff member or coach. Do whatever you'd like, we'll print it in full.

This year's host will join legends such as Larry KingBarack Obama, and Jim Nantz that have joined us before. And we'll add someone to that list before Friday. But for now, show us some love via aiding the team we love more than any other.

Thanks you guys. You're the best.