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Only Elkanah Dillon Days Until USF Football

Get used to watching this young tight end play in green and gold this fall. He will be making plays for the Bulls for years to come.

#85 Tight End Elkanah Dillon
Redshirt Freshman, 6'5", 239 lbs.

Stats in 2014: Elkanah "Kano" Dillon was redshirted in 2014.

Spot on Preseason Depth Chart: Second string tight end behind Sean Price.

How He Came to USF: At Vanguard High School in Ocala, Dillon decided to give football a try in his sophomore year and quickly became a standout. His size allowed him to catch passes over the heads of DBs and to break tackles easily. Wisconsin was very interested in him, as was Kentucky, but as Wisconsin's interest waned, he picked USF where he could stay close to home and presumably get more playing time anyway.

Recruiting Rankings: Dillon had three stars from 247 and Rivals.

Projected Playing Time: Dillon is definitely getting playing time this fall. He would be starting alongside Sean Price, but the Bulls aren't doing the two tight end set anymore. He's tall and fast, although he's not an outstanding blocker. Dillon can pull down high passes and is a good route-runner. I have seen him get into the seams and evade some DBs and linebackers that should easily have been able to keep up with him. Dillon is good when lined up tight or as an offset back behind the line, but he's best when he's split from the line and just goes out as a receiver. With Mike McFarland in the NFL and Sean Price going into his senior year, Dillon is the future of this unit. This year should be the beginning of a great career for him.

Fun Fact: Dillon's Vanguard High School is the same school Daunte Culpepper and several other UCF stars attended.