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The Asiantii Woulard Playlist, While We Wait For News

Pass the time between anonymous rumors with our Asiantii Woulard Spotify playlist.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all, I can't even anymore with this Asiantii Woulard thing. A long time ago, he was coming to USF. Then he wasn't. Then he was again. Then he won the Elite 11 competition. Then Skip Holtz got fired. Then he wasn't coming again. Then he finally went to UCLA. Then he decided to transfer. (Fortunately he got out of there before getting clocked with a kettlebell.)

If you've been around for our many previous rounds of #ALLTHETRANSFERS, then you already know how this goes. Lots of rumors, lots of unconfirmed reports, lots of speculation. And lots of time to kill waiting for something official to come out. So to help you get through the anticipation and the sheer boredom, we're giving you the Asiantii Woulard Playlist, put together by Collin, myself, and some of our readers who responded to my late night post on the Voodoo Five Facebook page calling for ideas. Thanks, fellow degenerates!

A couple of these songs are NSFW (looking at you, Lil' Wayne) so make sure to play this with headphones on.

Seriously, this is even more ridiculous than the reader fanfic idea.