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Ten Bulls Make Phil Steele's Preseason All-AAC Teams

Take it for what you will.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We tend to not hold Phil Steele's opinion in particularly high regard around these parts, especially after his five-year-or-so stretch of picking USF as his Number One Very Important Surprise Team. But his preseason all-conference teams were just released, and it's nice to see the general consensus on where USF stacks up in the AAC this season. Check out the full teams here, and the USF selections below.

1st Team
Marlon Mack, RB

2nd Team
Brynjar Gudmundsson, OL
Nigel Harris, LB
Jamie Byrd, S

3rd Team
Sean Price, TE
Derrick Calloway, DL
Auggie Sanchez, LB
Nate Godwin, S
Mattias Ciabatti, P
Hassan Childs, PR

There are two ways to interpret this:

Way #1: Wow, ten players sure is a lot! USF might have some real talent this year. Thanks, Phil Steele!

Way #2: With the caliber of player Willie Taggart has been bringing in, it's borderline embarrassing to only have one first-team pick. Also, more than half of our selections are on the third team, which isn't even a thing! Why am I reading Phil Steele again?

We tend to lean towards Way #2, but we will defend to the death your right to believe Way #1.