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Only LeGrande Harley Days Until USF Football

A JUCO transfer from Georgia Military College, LeGrande will be a reliable part of the Bulls defense this season.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
#54 Linebacker LeGrande Harley
Senior, 6'1, 230 lbs.

Stats in 2014: Harley never started, but he played in every game except NC State and UConn. He was a regular on special teams and registered 23 tackles.

Spot on Spring Depth Chart: Backup middle linebacker under Auggie Sanchez, which is where he was last season, too. As one of only two linebackers, this is one of the most important positions on the team.

How He Came to USF: Harley went to Southern Durham High School in Durham, NC. In high school he played running back until his senior year, when he moved to linebacker. He didn't get much interest from colleges in high school, so he attended Georgia Military College to build some experience. After his first season there, the recruiters came knocking and he eventually got offers from West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Arizona State, and Memphis among others. Harley visited Appalachian State and Southern Mississippi before fully committing to USF.

Recruiting Rankings: Everyone gave Harley three stars out of Georgia Military College.

Projected Playing Time: What strikes me most about Harley is that has a great sense for where the ball is going to end up on each play; he's not easily fooled by misdirection in the backfield. I once watched him force a fumble and run the ball back for a touchdown (in a spring scrimmage). He also has good lateral movement for chasing rushers to the sidelines. He's an experienced senior and won't be a liability on the field, but unless Sanchez is injured, Harley will not be starting this year. He will get some time on the field as a reserve and when a third linebacker is needed. We'll also see him on special teams.

Fun Fact: Georgia Military College is really good at developing football players. Auburn's DaVonte Lambert was a GMC teammate of Harley, as was Bengals wide receiver Mario Alford. Legendary USF running back Andre Hall also spent a year there after high school.

Highlights: This is Harley at Georgia Military College, where the team went 11-1 his sophomore year.