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Only Christian Coffelletto Days Until USF Football

This walk-on safety from Port Charlotte may impact the team in coming seasons.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
#26 DB Christian Coffelletto
Freshman, 5'10", 185 lbs.

Stats in 2014: Coffelletto was in high school last season.

Spot on Fall Camp Depth Chart: As an incoming freshman, he does not appear.

How He Came to USF: From Port Charlotte High School in Port Charlotte, where he was a teammate of incoming freshman safety Malik Dixon. Coffelletto played quarterback and safety, and was given an honorable mention in's All-Southwest Florida Team last year. He doesn't seem to have been recruited much, and made the team as a walk-on.

Recruiting Rankings: None.

Projected Playing Time: Coffelletto has a better chance at playing quarterback this year than safety. About a dozen defensive backs on the team have more experience than he does, so if Coffelletto is fortunate enough to make it on the field it will probably be on special teams.

But hey, he made the team and he's just a freshman. With all of the fluctuations we've seen in the last few years, this could be the guy who ends up as the face of the team and guides the Bulls to the College Football Playoff in 2019.

Highlights: These are from Coffelletto's senior year. As you can see, he was no slouch in the offensive or defensive backfield.