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Protect Your Unit Week 5 Results

We may already have a winner for the whole competition.

Louisiana Lafayette v Tulane
I’m featuring Tulane here for one reason only: those uniforms are SWEEEEET.
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

We’ve had our first massive parlay hit in awhile. Definitely the biggest since the parlay apocalypse of 2010, which inspired us to introduce the “max 3 bets in a parlay” rule.

Lots of you took chances on that soft Pitt line, and the USF game. But only lrdnorman staked a whopping 350 units on it, and on a 3-way play. He had Houston-UConn over 50, USF-Cincinnati over 59.5, and USF to cover. 350 times a 6 to 1 pay off is... 2100 units.

That amount alone is enough to win the competition most years, so it’s a game of catch-up from here on out. However, lrdnorman has already taken his bye week, and must play at least 5% of his units each week, to qualify for the grand prize. So he’ll have to work to maintain that lead. Or can someone else make a similarly daring parlay play to match?

Also: BullsOnParade hit a 2-way parlay for 200 (total win 520) on Pitt and USF ATS. mmmmsnouts (Jamie) hit a small parlay, and won all his other bets, for a total win of 307.99 on the week. Diddybull32 won 222.73. bullbard, Collin, ULhothot, eastcoastbull, and yours truly all won over $100. gym399 nearly did, winning 98.64. STOP TAKING ALL MY FAKE MONEY YOU GUYS, I’M RUNNING OUT OF ONES AND ZEROES HERE.

Here’s the standings (which include dsidwell31’s 425 units he won on the Virginia Tech-ECU bet that was reinstated):

lrdnorman 3588.98 2070.34
BullsOnParade96 1986.03 526.60
diddybull32 1820.01 222.73
bullbard 1766.26 181.82
mmmmsnouts 1562.23 307.99
dsidwell31 1478.32 4.26
bullmartin 1443.10 -355
eastcoastbull 1315.10 103.64
ULhothot 1260.46 110.93
collin 1258.25 153.89
Snafu13 1142.18 -14.09
ElliotMoore 1139.59 -215.45
jjlovecub 1135 0
AndrewPina 1125 36.36
GaryStephen 1114.64 131.82
gym399 1065.55 98.64
USFalum7 1063.64 0
defdans 1058.75 -110
DaGata 942.51 -27.27
Gibbsak 927 15.68
ucscott 918.22 0
MC3443 788.64 0

Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to BullsOnParade, for betting on Houston -5690 to beat UConn outright. He won 88 cents on a $50 bet. Way to stick your neck out. Though Middle Tennessee at -624 paid a little better, 8.02.

Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to the always-spiteful dsidwell31 for betting 6.30 on Michigan State, the score of last week’s loss to Wisconsin. I love that he chooses amounts that mock the teams he’s betting on to win. I also liked BullsOnParade’s 2.30 and Collin’s 6.66 bets on the UCF game.

Lots of weeknight games, starting with our first installment of Wednesday Night Fun Belt. Though Georgia Southern taking on a winless Arkansas State team may not be that much fun. On Friday we have Clemson-Boston College, and Boise State-New Mexico, which don’t sound fun either. Three weeknight AAC games: Temple-Memphis (Thursday), Tulane-Central Florida (Friday), and SMU-Tulsa (Friday).

The big national games this week are Florida State-Miami, Oklahoma-Texas, and Tennessee-Texas A&M. Another interesting game is BYU-Michigan State; both those teams have more losses than expected, and one of them will take another.

Elsewhere in the AAC: Houston visits the always-dangerous Naval Academy; Cincinnati is at Connecticut; and USF hosts East Carolina.