I Forgot To Enjoy The 2007 USF Football Team. Don’t Forget To Enjoy This Team.

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I've been aggressively positive about this USF football team most of the season. That's led to some arguments with readers who want me to nitpick things with this team, or agree with them that a 15-point win isn't good enough. I won't do it, though. This team's too much fun to get bogged down with demanding perfection.

Besides, I did that once before. I wasted so much time worrying about the flaws with the 2007 USF team and stressing over results that I didn't have nearly as much fun as I should have had. I don't have the happy memories of that team that many of you do, and I regret it.

While most fans were thrilled that the Bulls were right in there with Auburn and West Virginia, all I could think about was how I didn't want them to blow the game once they got the lead. When USF was getting all they could handle from Florida Atlantic, I didn't admire Matt Grothe and Ben Williams coming to the rescue with a bunch of big runs. I was too busy having a meltdown every time Rusty Smith completed a pass. When the Bulls fired off 38 points in the second half at freezing Pittsburgh, I ranted and cursed at my TV when they let the Panthers have a couple garbage-time scores because I thought it might affect their bowl position. The only games I genuinely enjoyed were Louisville and UCF, which the Bulls won by a combined 90 points.

I got especially bad when USF climbed the rankings after the West Virginia win. Every game after that was nerve-wracking because I felt like all it would take was one loss and everything would be all over. It was impossible to enjoy games in that mental state, and lo and behold I didn't. And of course when USF had that brutal three-game losing streak, I came totally unglued and declared the season a failure as soon as Grothe's last pass against Cincinnati fell incomplete.

That team was a lot of fun and it had tons of personality, just like this year's team. You can always enjoy a team in hindsight, like I do with the 2007 team. But it's not the same as enjoying them in the moment. If you're worried about margins of victory, or the run defense, or whatever Temple does the next three weeks, I really hope you'll take a breath and remember to enjoy this 2016 team while it's still here. Teams like this don't come around very often.

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