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Protect Your Unit Week 12 Results

Just as everyone expected, a surprise witness.

Pittsburgh v Clemson Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

In a blatant case of “what could possibly go wrong”, the #2, #3, #4 teams in the country all lost, throwing the post-season into anarchy. This was the first time since 1985 that this happened; that weekend also featured an Iowa win over a Jim Harbaugh-led Michigan team. Elsewhere, Pittsburgh beat Clemson, and Southern California beat Washington.

In our game, though, it only reinforced the status quo. Guess who had Pitt?

bullmartin Pittsburgh +20.5 points over Clemson 100.00
bullmartin Pittsburgh +971.0 money line to beat Clemson 50.00

And bullmartin’s winning week doesn’t stop there. He also had Navy at +123, and won four out of five other point spread bets, for a total win of 769.63. lrdnorman had a break-even week, winning only 19.09, meaning bullmartin added another 750 fake dollars to his lead.

However, a new contender in this year’s parlaymageddon has emerged. BullsOnParade96 hit this one:

That’s worth 1,590 fake dollars, bring his season total to 2,661.40. That’s normally good enough to win a season, but right now it’s only good enough for third place. Also having strong weeks were me (256.06), AndrewPina (220), ElliotMoore (206.76, including a win on Iowa at +867), bullbard (150.45), and gym399 (142.86).


bullmartin 5597.44 769.73
lrdnorman 3342.96 19.09
BullsOnParade96 2661.40 1589.91
diddybull32 1729.11 0
mmmmsnouts 1577.87 -4.82
eastcoastbull 1569.36 79.09
bullbard 1508.09 150.45
AndrewPina 1464.97 225
Snafu13 1393.19 0
GaryStephen 1261.02 256.05
ucscott 1140.03 0
ElliotMoore 1094.35 206.76
USFalum7 1063.64 0
collin 1057.25 0
jjlovecub 855 0
Gibbsak 803.32 -12.27
MC3443 788.64 0
DaGata 771.60 -81.82
gym399 723.05 142.86
dsidwell31 624.81 -41.82
ULhothot 496.72 -68.56
defdans 128.98 -201.82

defdans is now below $250 and can bet all his remaining units this week, if desired.

I wanted to give Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week and Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week both for the same wager: ULhothot bet on Wake Forest to beat his Louisville Cardinals outright, in a game they need to keep their playoff/NY6 bowl hopes alive. Technically, that single bet wins the Spite Bet award, while the Degenerate Bet award goes to ULhothot’s alliterative parlay of Wake Forest, West Virginia and Wyoming. Which would’ve won, but the wager was wasted when Wyoming wost to Webels in ovewtime. Ehhehehehhehehe.

Week twelve’s attwactions - OK, enough of that - attractions include the much-anticipated but now less meaningful Louisville-Houston game; Oklahoma-West Virginia to decide the Big XII; Washington State-Colorado (hey, they’re both Top 25); and the rescheduled Florida-LSU game. There’s lots of weeknight MACtion, plus Memphis-Cincinnati on Friday night.

Other AAC games include: USF at SMU; Temple at Tulane; Tulsa at Central Florida; the rescheduled Navy-East Carolina game; and a non-conference game between Connecticut and Boston College.