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Hey, Cool It With Your Complaining

The Bulls just had an awesome win and they’re having a great season. Stop complaining about Temple or the defense or their bowl game.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

What a game! The Bulls pulled out a great all-around team win this past Saturday, defeating Memphis 49-42. Games like that where everyone contributes in some way, plays their hearts out, and the team comes out on top feel just a little bit better than the other dubs. Not to mention it’s USF’s first time beating Memphis under Coach Taggart. All in all, it’s a game that South Florida can and will build off of.

Anywho, I have a personal message to Bulls fans that either complain about the defense not being very good, whine about the possibility of going to a bowl that isn’t the College Football Playoff, or are still hung up on the Temple loss (be sure to cc: Collin in this).

Shut up.

First off, the Bullshark defense. Are they the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs, led by the one and only Bobby Boucher? No. They’re not. USF’s defense is average on their best day. You know what though? That’s OK! Everything is relative, and relative to the American Athletic Conference, USF’s defense is absolutely fine. There’s some alright defense across the American, but nobody is shutting anybody down for an entire game, much less week in and week out. The Bullsharks have been good enough to get USF to an 8-2 record, and if you have a problem with that, then I have a problem with you.

Second, if I catch wind of another person whining about the likelihood of USF going to the Birmingham Bowl or St. Petersburg Bowl, my head is going to explode. Do y’all know what bowl games are for? They’re supposed to be a celebration of a great season. I completely understand wanting to go to Hawaii or a New Year’s Six bowl, but to complain about going to any bowl is petty. Don’t know if y’all realize it or not, but it wasn’t too long ago that USF was sitting at home watching every single bowl game on TV (trust me, I was there). If they end up in St. Pete, so be it. I’m taking the new ferry over there and celebrating USF’s best season in years.

Last but not least, stop talking about the Temple loss. Simple as that. I don’t know if y’all watched college football this past weekend (or ever for that matter), but anything can happen. I don’t care who is left on Temple’s schedule. There’s a reason they play the games. I’m not saying be unrealistic, but at least be positive. Have some hope and be the biggest Tulane/East Carolina fans over the next two weeks. So unless you predicted Michigan, Clemson, and Washington to all lose on the same day (which nobody did), then quit flooding my Twitter and/or brain with negative energy.

P.S. Give it up one time for Q-Stick. My boy went 24 of 29 (83%) for 263 yards and two touchdowns against Memphis, not to mention rushing 20 times for 210 yards and three more tuddies. On ESPN’s QB rating scale of 0-100, that’s a 98.4 QBR (decent, I guess). He’s having a hell of a season, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I tell Q that every time I talk to him, and USF fans should be proud to have him as your QB. The kid is just a ball player. This one’s for you, Winky!

(Steven wanted Julian Edelman clapping good job. Couldn’t find a GIF of that. Hope this works. -ed)