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The Unnamed USF Podcast: Welcome To UCF Week Via Video Chat

Sorry for experimenting, but hey at least you get four of us this week!

NCAA Football: South Florida at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

So as part of our goal to make the podcast better, we experimented this week with a live chat using Youtube Live to do the podcast. It went... poorly.

Sorry, won’t happen again. But this week myself, Nate Bond, Carl Zee, and Ryan Smith all talked for an hour about the Knights, USF not being ranked, the loss of George Kiefer, and everything else in the land of green and gold.

Sorry it’s not available as part of your regular podcast feed (we thought we could do it both ways, but nope), and we should have some WONDERFUL podcast surprises for you coming soon.

Also keep in mind: we are ACTIVELY seeking a sponsor for this thing so we can upgrade some equipment as well as make more time to have them on the regular. If that’s you or your business, feel free to drop us a line. Rates are even cheaper than you’d imagine!