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Protect Your Unit Week 13 Results Thread

The heavyweight prize fight is back on.

Navy v SMU
This image seems appropriate, somehow.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

You can’t hit a parlay much harder than this:

  • West Virginia -6.5 (West Virginia won by 30)
  • Navy -7 (Navy won by 44)
  • Over 66 on Navy-SMU (point total: 106)

And who was the lucky degenerate? lrdnorman, who staked 350 on the above play, for a total win of 2100 fake dollars. That’s his second big parlay score of the season, matching bullmartin’s two. bullmartin’s insurmountable lead has now nearly been surmounted.

bullmartin 5596.54
lrdnorman 5141.26

In last week’s picks thread, Bullmartin announced his intention to play conservatively rather than pursue big wins. This approach worked pretty well for him, as he went 5-0-1 on six straight bets to net 227.27 for this week. EastCoastBull (264.03) and gym399 (131.82) also had good weeks.

I’ll publish the entire standings later. I am not at home, don’t have access to my usual tools to compile it, and want to get the results thread up ASAP.


bullmartin 5596.54 227.27
lrdnorman 5141.26 2170.57
AndrewPina 1803.02 86.23
mmmmsnouts 1727.87 18.18
eastcoastbull 1711.47 264.03
bullbard 1529.91 0
BullsOnParade96 1503.08 -498.09
Snafu13 1455.82 0
diddybull32 1447.29 0
GaryStephen 1200.17 -79.94
ucscott 1140.03 0
USFalum7 1063.64 0
collin 1057.25 0
gym399 958.49 131.82
ElliotMoore 949.81 -208.64
jjlovecub 855 0
Gibbsak 825.6 22.27
MC3443 788.64 0
DaGata 699.08 -250
dsidwell31 422.99 -154.55
ULhothot 109.99 -136.72
defdans OUT

But no one other than our two frontrunners is over 2000 fake dollars. BullsOnParade96 nearly hit a huge parlay for $2970, which would have given him $4473. He hit on Eastern Michigan and Georgia Tech ATS (both of whom won outright), but missed on the over in the Central Michigan-Eastern Michigan game. Tough loss.

defdans lost his sudden death bet when Tulane trounced UConn. So he is out of money and out for the season. However, he does win a parting gift: Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week for betting on UConn. (This was originally Jamie’s idea, but I liked it.)

Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to ULhothot for loading up on Kentucky to beat Louisville. +2300 is a pretty sweet money line hit, but that’s like one of us betting on UCF, and having them win. I admire hothot’s ongoing willingness to bet against his own school.

Coming up: Week 14. It includes all the championship games, some regular-season Sun Belt and Big XII games (notably Oklahoma-Oklahoma State), and the Army-Navy game December 10. So this “week” of competition actually stretches over two weeks. You may want to reserve some fake money to bet Army-Navy, as you don’t get a reset after this Saturday’s games are complete. There are only 17 games total, so you will have fewer options to make your three required wagers. You can also take a bye week if you haven’t spent yours yet.

The final “week” of the competition will be the entire bowl season. The rules for that week are:

  • You may bet up to $500 fake dollars, or 50% of your bankroll, whichever is higher (rather than the usual 25%/$250).
  • You must wager on at least 5 bowl games (rather than the usual 3)
  • You must bet on at least 2 bowl games involving AAC teams (rather than the usual 1)
  • You may not take a bye week.

I will post the first lines for the week Monday night.