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Willie Taggart and Oregon: DON’T PANIC

One tweet about Willie Taggart and Oregon (with Jimmy Sexton’s fingerprints all over it) pretty much sent everyone into a tizzy.

Navy v South Florida Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images

So during the women’s basketball game last night (a smooth 50-point win for your USF Bulls), this appeared:


Not quite. Take a deep breath and THINK.

Yes, it says that Taggart is the leading guy for the Ducks. But Feldman is also the same guy that suggested this:

That’s a joke if I’ve ever heard one.

Look, we don’t know anything. The job just opened. Florida coach Jim McElwain said he’s not going to Oregon, but that’s about the extent of solid facts surrounding this job.

Is it possible that Willie leaves? Sure. It’s Oregon. They’ve got money, they’ve got fans, they’ve got a stadium, and they have Phil Knight.

But it’s also Oregon. They’ve famously hired in house for decades, and while they likely won’t do that this time around, it’s unlikely they look to Group of 5 coaches. This is a program that could poach just about anyone they want.

Plus, Willie has his roots in the area. He builds his teams off Florida talent. I can’t imagine he would give all that up to move cross country. (I also heard work on his house just got done, but that’s just word of mouth.)

He’s also going to get linked to every football job from Eastern Michigan to Arsenal. His agent (the GOAT Jimmy Sexton) is simply doing his job to get Taggart’s name out there.

PERSONALLY, I think it’s more likely that Oregon takes a proven, win-now coach rather than a unproven-in-a-real-conference-garble-garble-bullshit coach. The opening caused by the Oregon hire is the one that you should really be worried about.

The biggest thing to remember is that everything right now is simply rumor. Charlie Strong hired as USF defensive coordinator is about as accurate a rumor as Willie is gone to Oregon.

Also remember, Chad Morris turned down Baylor. Anything can happen. So have your towel ready in case the worst happens.

But don’t panic.