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News & Notes On The Hiring of Charlie Strong, And A #StrongLook Update

A scrape of all the other news out there around the hire of USF’s fourth-ever head coach.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Figured we’d dump all the news we could around the hire in one place. Here’s what’s out there so far.

From USF’s official release on the hire:

“INTRODUCTION: Details on Strong’s introduction will be forthcoming.”

Josh Newberg is reporting the announcement might be as late as Wednesday.

That’d be weird, but there’s no rush. The paperwork is official.

And Mark Harlan countered the “Pope tweets” of Houston with this one, which was pretty great.

And Willie’s already raiding his old employer. Here’s 4-star USF commit Bruce Judson:

And this report says Taggart might have tried to have Strong come with him to Eugene as well.:

You have to figure Taggart will be coming for some of his old staff at some point as well, but which coaches? Strong will have the chance to evaluate the staff that is already here, though it’s likely he’ll be working with an assistant coaches pool much less robust than Taggart has at Oregon.

Anwar Richardson of with some thoughts on who Strong might try to lure to his staff:

We’ll keep you posted on info as it comes out, including when get the details of Strong’s contract (was the size of the assistant pool why this took a couple days?) and when his press conference is happening. Yes, we’ll be there wearing sandals and socks because #StrongLook