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Protect Your Unit Week 14 Results Thread

Hey, remember this contest? It’s been awhile.

NCAA Football: Army vs Navy Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

This week has been a long two weeks.

Since we spoke last, USF has had three different head football coaches (Willie Taggart, T.J. Weist, and Charlie Strong), to say nothing of all the wacky suggestions there were in the interim. Conference champions have been crowned, the national playoffs and all bowl games have been set, and Army beat Navy for the first time in eons.

Week 14 was light on both games and fake betting. Which is good, because those who played didn’t do very well. Only lrdnorman (80.78) and Snafu13 (79.75) profited for the week. The 11 other players all lost, most of them in excess of $100 fake dollars. Bullmartin lost $262, which is significant as it shrinks his lead over lrdnorman to almost nothing entering bowl season:

bullmartin 5334.54 -262
lrdnorman 5222.04 80.78
AndrewPina 1639.39 -163.64
mmmmsnouts 1628.95 -98.92
Snafu13 1535.78 79.95
bullbard 1529.91 0
eastcoastbull 1513.47 -198
diddybull32 1447.29 0
ucscott 1140.03 0
BullsOnParade96 1132.85 -370.23
USFalum7 1063.64 0
collin 1057.25 0
GaryStephen 995.63 -204.55
jjlovecub 855 0
MC3443 788.64 0
Gibbsak 754.69 -70.91
ElliotMoore 747.53 -202.27
gym399 708.49 -250
DaGata 571.8 -127.27
dsidwell31 422.99 0
ULhothot 0 -109.99
defdans OUT

This is clearly a two-horse race going into bowl season. Let’s talk about the rules for Week 15:

  • You must bet at least $500, or 25% of your total, whichever is higher.
  • Maximum bet is 50% of your bankroll.
  • You must play 5 games total, 2 of which must be AAC games.
  • Updates will be posted each day.

In other news, ULhothot ran out of fake money when Ohio didn’t quite knock off Western Michigan in the MAC title game. As per the rules, he gets to make his last-chance bet on the first game of bowl season. This is Texas-San Antonio vs New Mexico. It must be against the spread. I put $1 in your account, which you can wager as soon as possible. If your bet wins, you get $500 more to play the rest of bowl season.

I’m not awarding the Degenerate Bet or Spite Bet Awards for Week 14, as with so few games and wagers, there were no real candidates.

I do not have any bowl lines posted yet, due to a technical problem I am sorting out. I hope to have them posted late Monday night or Tuesday mid-day at the latest. Keep your eyes peeled in the usual place.

Good luck and happy fake gambling. Thanks for playing this season.