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Protect Your Unit Week 14 Picks Thread

It’s December!

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

It’s December, which means holiday shopping, conference championship games, and in many places, snow. Most of the country, including sites that are hosting football games outdoors, is in the cold zone. The Mountain West Championship in frigid Wyoming, and the Baylor-West Virginia game, are likely to be to played on the (cue John Facenda voice) FRO-zen TUN-dra of WAR me-MORE-ial STAY-dium... man, I never get tired of hearing that.

I will also never get tired of sharing each week’s picks with you, which are:

AndrewPina Wyoming +241.0 money line to beat San Diego State 150.00
AndrewPina Idaho -6.5 points over Georgia State 100.00
AndrewPina Western Michigan -18.5 points over Ohio 50.00
BullsOnParade96 Ohio +19.0 points over Western Michigan 2.50
BullsOnParade96 Colorado +8.0 points over Washington 2.50
ElliotMoore Virginia Tech +338.0 money line to beat Clemson 100.00
ElliotMoore Colorado +263.0 money line to beat Washington 100.00
ElliotMoore Under 62.0 points in the Temple-Navy game 25.00
ElliotMoore Wisconsin -2.0 points over Penn State 25.00
GaryStephen Over 53.0 points in the Georgia State-Idaho game 50.00
GaryStephen Wyoming +7.0 points over San Diego State 50.00
GaryStephen Navy -3.0 points over Temple 50.00
GaryStephen Troy -7.0 points over Georgia Southern 50.00
lrdnorman Western Kentucky -9.5 points over Louisiana Tech 57.06
lrdnorman Over 61.0 points in the Temple-Navy game 50.00
lrdnorman Oklahoma State +350.0 money line to beat Oklahoma 50.00
lrdnorman Oklahoma State +12.0 points over Oklahoma 50.00
lrdnorman Navy -3.0 points over Temple 50.00
mmmmsnouts Navy -3.0 points over Temple 50.00
mmmmsnouts Texas Christian -4.0 points over Kansas State 50.00
mmmmsnouts Western Michigan -925.0 money line to beat Ohio 10.00
ULhothot Ohio +867.0 money line to beat Western Michigan 109.99

Not many picks yet, but more will come in.

Remember: Week 14 does not end after Saturday’s games are complete. The Army-Navy game on December 10 is also part of Week 14. I will post an update on Monday, but your fake bankroll will not be rest. If you want to play Army-Navy, you will need to reserve some fake money from the December 2-3 action.

Also of note: ULhothot is betting his last 109.99 on Ohio to upset Western Michigan outright. If he loses that game, and wants to keep playing, he will have to pick a sudden death bet on the first game of bowl season. This would be the New Mexico Bowl. Given the long odds Ohio faces, he might want to brush up on mediocre C-USA and Mountain West teams.

Parlay wagers:

  • BullsOnParade96: 370, Navy -3, Penn State+2.5, Clemson -10

As always, use the comments section to talk about this week’s games, lobby for awards and so forth.