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Report: USF Has “Begun Negotiating” With Charlie Strong

Roy Cummings of Florida Football Insiders reports the Bulls have begun to hire the top choice on many boards.

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Roy Cummings of Florida Football Insiders, and USF Class of 1983, is reporting USF has begun negotiating with former Texas head coach Charlie Strong about becoming the next Bulls head coach.

From his piece:

Florida Football Insiders has learned that the quest for Taggart’s successor began Wednesday and that it might actually end rather soon with former Texas coach Charlie Strong stepping in as the fourth head coach in school history.

It is believed that USF has already begun negotiating a contract with Strong, who could come rather cheap for the first part of the deal, as it appears the University of Texas will remain on the hook for paying Strong much of the $11 million buyout he had when he was fired by the Longhorns.

As we’ve discussed previously, Strong’s buyout from Texas means the Longhorns will receive 50% of his salary from USF or any other job he takes in the next two years up to $5 million.

Of course lots of things can now happen, but it seems the school is close to getting a respected guy with deep Florida ties to coach for cheap.

Where’s the downside here?