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Rosters Set For USF Football Spring Game Halftime Alumni Game

Grothe! Barnhardt! It's exciting flag football action at halftime of Saturday's spring game, and we're here to break it down for you.

Chad Barnhardt against Georgia Southern in 1998.
Chad Barnhardt against Georgia Southern in 1998.

Sure, the real spring game is important, but for us old-timers the big show is at halftime when USF football alumni take the field for a flag football game. The rosters were announced earlier this week:

I'm sorry, but the 36 people choosing White here are out of their minds. I know they have Matt Grothe, but come on! The Green team is loaded! SJ Green had a very good CFL career. Dontavia Bogan carried the 2010 offense and got a few looks from the NFL. Vince Brewer was a good pass-catching back in a system that almost never threw to them. Sampson Genus was a two-time All-Big East center. Ben Moffitt needs no introduction. Trevor Hypolite was USF's best receiving tight end until Sean Price and Elkanah Dillon came along. And even though Chad Barnhardt turned 40 a few months ago, he's not going to have to run around a lot, and he always had a good arm.

Green's going to win this in a walk. You heard it here first.