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Our Sixth Annual USF Volleyball Fundraiser: Send the Bulls to Europe... or else

You're glad we're back? Good, so are we. Now give our favorite team lots of money.

You guys have been fantastic since we returned to SB Nation. It's like we never left, and the emails from people reaching out to lend support to help us have been overwhelming. We can't thank you enough.


As you might remember, this is the only team we're 100% in the tank for, and we make no excuses for our lack of journalistic integrity when it comes our favorites. But this year giving is even more important, as the team needs to finalize some expenses for their once-in-four-years trip to Europe this summer. It's a trip that not only gets them extra practice and team bonding time, but is also a huge boon for recruiting.

If USF is going to succeed long-term, things like this MUST happen. So we're going to make sure they get there.

We'll have some prizes that we'll be announcing this week during our drive, including some super-awesome-baller tickets to the FSU-USF football game available to people that donate at least $50 that we'll randomly draw for on Friday. Last year we raised $2200, and we're aiming for at least $3000 this year despite not being here for eight months because we are greedy and this is very necessary to get the team abroad.

Also keep in mind I did a terrible job as a member of their golf committee this year as I was distracted by a big writing project, getting this site back up, the Frozen Four, and lots of other crap. So basically your job is to make me suck less at life by giving this team money.

We made a small adjustment this year for all you fancy people that itemize: the money donated via the Paypal link below will go to the Fishman Family Foundation, who will in turn write a check to the team. Since they're a registered 501(c)3, now we'll be able to get you a tax receipt if you want one.

Once you make a gift, or if you want to send me a check or pay in some other format (we take Square and Venmo too!), please shoot an email to Also please brag about yourself in the comments too so other people can see how much of a better person you are than those non-donating louses.


We will spend far too much of our lives writing this thing for basically free all year long. This is the only week of the year we ask you for anything but snark and quality gifs in the comments section. Please love us, so we can love them.

Thank you and Go Bulls.