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USF 2016 Academic Progress Rate Scores: They're Fine

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Nothing really to see here.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon the NCAA released this year's Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores. The current scores are a four-year rolling average, beginning with the 2011-12 academic year and going through 2014-15.

Although USF's scores slipped a little bit in many sports from last year to this year, no sport is in any imminent danger of NCAA penalties. Three sports compiled perfect scores of 1000: men's tennis, women's tennis, and women's golf. The softball team nearly had a perfect score as well.

Sport 2015 Score 2016 Score
Baseball 960 957
Football 970 958
Men's Basketball 960 964
Men's Cross Country 935 960
Men's Golf 992 979
Men's Soccer 984 971
Men's Tennis 1000 1000
Men's Track 970/965* 958
Softball 1000 997
Women's Basketball 991 982
Women's Cross Country 995 983
Women's Golf 1000 1000
Women's Soccer 988 985
Women's Tennis 1000 1000
Women's Track 988/985* 986
Women's Volleyball 971 960

* - before this year, indoor and outdoor track APRs were listed separately.

For your extremely lame trash-talking needs, click here for a searchable APR database.