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USF Volleyball Fundraiser: We Are So Incredibly Grateful. Now Give Us Slightly Less Money.

We got so many big checks. Now we need some much, much smaller ones.

A funny thing happened on our way to raise money for USF Volleyball: we got some very large amounts of money, and very, very few smaller donations. So we're asking you for money again. Not a LOT of money, just, like, some money. Really anything will do.

When you do a fundraiser like this, the results should look like a pyramid, and right now that pyramid is so inverted the Koch Brothers are drooling over the income distribution. The MUCH MUCH smaller are the gifts we're asking for today.

I mean if you want to give us a lot of money, we'll absolutely accept it. Here, we'll prove it:

* Anyone that gives $250 or more gets one post to the blog on anything they'd like for the next 365 days. You can show mad love to a recruit or make a Skip Holtz meme or extol the virtues of the Copper Top Pub. It's 100% yours with zero interference.

* Anyone that gives $50 or more will be entered in a drawing for two FSU-USF tickets that are so prime the USDA will certify them as such.

* We also want to do something for our smaller donors, so we're adding TWO MORE SUPER AWESOME FSU-USF tickets that anyone who donates at least $5 will be eligible to win. This is only for folks that donate $25 or less, and we're doing this because we want as many people as possible to at least throw a few bucks into the program. It's more about showing that there's a base of support for this team and what they're doing as it is about the money.

* We're working on a rather awesome prize that we'll enter all donors in as well, but we don't have it in hand yet. If we get it, we'll add it to the list. Hopefully in the next 24 hours or so.

All gifts will receive a receipt from the Fishman Family Foundation, so this is fully tax-deductible. But we're doing this to show that there's a community of Bulls who read us that are willing to do step up and help when it matters. So let's show them we can.


Here's a (partial) list of those that have made a gift so far and who I can decipher by screen name:

GregariousMatt: $500

Brian Martin: $500

DCBull21: $250

NRGunther: $100

Rich Snyder: $50

Andrew Pina: $25

UndercoverBull: $10

Lghtngfan: $5

DeAnn: $5

usernamemissing: $5

If I've missed you... reach out and let me know who you are.

We need EVERYONE that reads us on the regular to help out as best as we can. Yes, $5 means that much to us right now. It's about bodies as much as dollars.

Thanks to everyone for their generous support. Now let's help get this team to Europe this summer!