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USF Football “20 For 20” - New Player Nominations

It’s time to expand our list of the greatest players in USF football history from 15 to 20. To start off, we’re asking you for nominees to add to the list.

South Florida v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In the first year of this blog, we put together a list of the 15 greatest players in USF football history to mark the 15th anniversary of the program’s founding in 1995. With the Bulls about to embark on their 20th season of football in 2016, it’s time to update the list to include five new players.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • This week, we’re opening up nominations to our readers. In the comments (or on our Twitter and Facebook pages), you can nominate any player who wasn’t on the original list, and you can give any reason you want. If there’s someone you really feel strongly about that maybe other people don’t, your pitch might be crucial, because...
  • The same people who voted on the 15 For 15 list back in 2010 will reconvene and decide which five players to add to the list. It’s not a brand-new list, because...
  • Every player who was on the 15 For 15 list will also be on the 20 For 20 list. Someday it will get ridiculous to apply this rule and we’ll change it then, but for now, once you’re in you’re in.
  • We will use the same criteria we used for the original list. Players are judged based solely on how they performed at USF, and for how long they did it. We will also produce a new ranking of the 20 players on the list.
  • Since we already profiled the original 15 players, we’ll just write profiles for the five new players. Then at the end, we’ll share our new 1-20 rankings with everyone.

Easy enough? We think so. Get nominating, everyone.