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Only Alex Salvato Days Until USF Football Season

#59 is a player who might be very happy if you never heard his name called during a game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

#59 LS Alex Salvato
Senior, 5'11", 200 lbs.

2015 Stats: Salvato played in all 13 games, handling every punt and placekick snap without any incidents. He also recorded his only tackle of the season in the Miami Beach Bowl. The reason Salvato may not want his name called is because it would only ever happen if one of his snaps got away, or if there was a big punt return and he had to save a touchdown (like he did in the picture at the top of this post). Neither of those are good things.

Position on Depth Chart: Salvato is again the starting long snapper.

How He Came To USF: Alex showed up to USF football in 2012 as a 149-pound walk-on out of Victory Christian Academy in Lakeland. That made him the lightest player in USF history -- less than Derrick Hopkins, less than Ronnie Hoggins, less than Lindsey Lamar, less than the Gramaticas, less than everyone. By 2014 he had bulked up to 200 pounds (at least according to the official roster). And before last season began, he was finally awarded a scholarship.

Here's a story WTVT-TV in Tampa did about Salvato last September, in which he is reported to weigh only 165 pounds:

Recruiting Rankings: Alex was not rated by any recruiting sites.

Projected Playing Time: Barring injury or a complete meltdown (very unlikely at this point), Salvato will handle all the snapping for USF all year long.

Follow Him On... I'm guessing Alex only uses Twitter for reading, what with his grand total of two lifetime tweets. But he's at @AlexSalvato59 if you want to follow him anyway. His Instagram feed is also at alexsalvato59.

Did You Know? Former USF long snapper Ryan Benjamin was the first Bull to actually play in a Super Bowl.